About Judith

Judith Alyn, L.M.P.

Judith Alyn, L.M.P., now resides in Freeland, Washington and is currently offering her services as Whidbey Essential Massage. She specializes in ‘dynamic body and pathwork,’ a term used to describe the sessions she facilitates.

After committing to finding a way of providing people the space in which to establish a connection to self, she chose to pursue an education in massage therapy. Judith attended the Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle. She became licensed by Washington State in 1989 as a massage practitioner.

The study of Hawaiian Bodywork provided the grid to the connection Judith had been seeking. Ho’oponopono – to make right within ourselves, our families, our ancestors and our communities, speaks to viewing the body as the vehicle to clearing and restoring the past – for all generations, and clearing the connection to the future – universally. In order to work within the sacred confines of this approach to restoration and healing and bring her vehicle to a place of clarity, she immersed herself in intensive training opportunities.

More recently, Judith participated in a unique mentorship program that involved First Nation Traditions and its application to Cranio-Sacral work. This three year immersion added a unique view into the concept of quantum physics and the landscape of the energy field. Other studies woven into her technique are metaphysics, astrology and Feng Shui – as a sacred application to spirit.

Judith invites you to claim or reclaim yourself in an authentic way, by offering dynamic body and pathwork on magical Whidbey Island.